Term and Condition


  1. Notwithstanding the above rate specifically mentioned and or stipulated herein, all the terms and conditions as per the RATE CARD (shall be read and construed as the essential part of this Contract) shall prevail.
  2. For eligibility in utilizing the Added Value or Free of Charge (FOC) ad unit, Advertiser hereby must fully utilize the paid ad unit before claiming use of the Added Value or Free of Charge (FOC) ad unit.
  3. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Contract, the Advertiser hereby undertakes to abide and adhere for the upfront payment of invoice(s) before the date of receipt failing which the Advertiser’s account shall be suspended/deactivated. LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD reserves the rights to impose an interest of 1.5% per month on overdue accounts calculated from the due date to the date of full realization.
  4. Whilst every endeavour is made to adhere to the positions(s) of publication when these are specially stated by the Advertiser, LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD reserves the right to change to other sections(s)/page(s)/position(s) without prior notice of reference to the Advertiser and LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD shall not be liable for any loss (actual or potential) whatsoever occasioned by the failure of any of the advertisement(s) to appear on those specified date(s)/section(s)/page(s)/positions(s).
  5. LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD shall have the right to make any alteration(s) whatsoever considered necessary or desirable or to require any copies to be amended to meet LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD approval without prior approval of Advertiser or the need to give the Advertiser prior notice.
  6. LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD shall not be liable for any unsatisfactory reproduction, errors, omissions if the copies/materials supplied by the Advertiser are not made to LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD specifications contained in SUARA MERDEKA CURRENT RATE CARD.
  7. LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD reserves the right to destroy all advertising layouts, copies, films, artworks, videos, digital contents (hereinafter referred to as “MATERIALS”) which have been in LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD custody for one (1) month.
  8. All complaints on advertisement published must be made by the Advertiser in writing to LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD within three (3) days from the date of publication. LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD shall be at liberty to cause a corrective advertisement to be published at the earliest convenient date or it may choose to make other compensation as LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD deems fit.
  9. The Advertiser shall indemnify and keep LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD indemnified against all claims, legal suits, demands, losses, costs and expenses whether actual or potential in respect of any advertisement published at the request of LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD.
  1. The Advertiser is given a right to cure and activate its account within fourteen (14) days provided all the outstanding amount is duly paid together with any interest accrued therein. 
  1. Any cancellation of the advertisement booking must be duly informed to the authorized personnel at LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD within the prescribed time limit as follows :-
  1. Banner Ads –           3 working days
  2. Content Ads –           7 working days
  3. Video Ads –           7 working days
  1. Notwithstanding any arrangement made between the Advertiser and any third party, LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD reserves the absolute right to terminate this Contract in the event of the Advertiser pinching or contracting the same existence pool of clients.
  1. LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD reserves the absolute right to accept or reject any placement of advertisement from the Advertiser that fail to settle any outstanding monies and due to LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD.
  1. All the terms stipulated in the Online Insertion Order (IO) Agreement shall be read, construed as an integral part of this Contract.
  1. This Agreement shall be binding upon the successors in title and permitted assigns of the respective parties and LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD covenants and undertakes not to assign this Agreement without the consent of the Publisher. A minimum notice of two (2) months shall be given to the Publisher by LINTAQ DIGITAL SDN BHD for any assignment of this Agreement.

Thank you.

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